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Olivia Lee Dropcap_O livia Lee is a native of Toronto and a graduate of the University of Toronto. A former high school English teacher and a mother of four, she has retained a joy in sharing spiritual insights with others.

These insights into spirituality are particularly in the context of the Christian life as it is experienced through worship, prayer, relationships, loss or bereavement, discovering the nature of divine love, the significance of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, all seen in the light of what the Bible has to say.

"Through everyday experiences, these poems explore the implications of mutual involvement - the blessings, the responsibilities, the opportunities. Each poem is accompanied by a passage of Scripture that throws further light on the experience or leads readers' thoughts outward, to apply their reflections to their own experience." - Graham Cotter, Author

Two books of poetry, The Fruit of the Spirit and Ill-Suited to Solitaire have already been published and some of her poems are currently being set to music. A third book, The Hallowed Ground (click for web version), completes the collection.

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M. Olivia Lee
Toronto, Ontario CANADA
Email: molhdl@rogers.com

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